5 Building Blocks For Creating Lasting Love

Building blocks to creating lasting love in a world that fixates more on broken relationships than lasting ones. Can’t say it any better than him. Take a read and you won’t be disappointed.

James Michael Sama

72 days. 9 days. 122 days. 55 hours. It may seem that these are random periods of time just tossed into an article, but they actually all have something in common that quite often finds itself inserted into pop-culture discussion; especially when the topic is the current state of dating and relationships. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed these are all different lengths of celebrity marriages, you would be correct.

Now, I understand that Hollywood couples are not exactly the ideal measuring point of modern relationships, but they do give us a glimpse of what our younger generations are learning from and – seemingly – are emulating. We do often see short lived relationships among our peers and the apparent inability to form long-lasting bonds that will keep people together in the long run.

So in a world where marriages are shorter-lived than college educations, how…

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