8 Everyday Romantic Gestures She Will Love

I’m not one who really thinks of doing romantic stuff, it just happens naturally if the person on the receiving end deserves it, but this gives a good idea of what you could be doing that your lady would love.

James Michael Sama

When people think of being romantic, they usually think of the iconic John Cusack boombox scene in ‘Say Anything’ or Ryan Gosling being effortlessly charming in The Notebook. And while grand romantic gestures are great and have their place, the every day hustle and bustle of life doesn’t always open itself up to handing us these opportunities.

Sure, movie romance is fantastic, but when it comes to ‘real life’ romance, it is usually the smaller things that mean the most. Here are a few ideas to keep her smiling.



Bring her lunch at work.

Things can get stressful during the day and it is sometimes a hassle to go out and get lunch at work. To put in the thought and effort to actually surprise the woman in your life with her favorite order from her favorite restaurant will not only make her day, it will show her that you…

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