Here’s Why Women Shouldn’t Play Hard To Get

If it were really such great advice, then why are so many women who “play hard to get” still single? In my personal experience this only detracts them from potentially finding someone highly compatible.

James Michael Sama

So as a woman, you are consistently told that you shouldn’t show too much interest in a man. That you should play hard to get. Make him work for it. While this is sound advice in the respect that you should of course never lower your standards and accept advances from just any random man who shows interest in you, it is too broad to really be useful.

If all of this was such great advice, then why are so many women who follow it still single? Because women aren’t the ones who should follow it – men are.

That’s right, but don’t take my word for it, there are studies to prove it.


While women are more attracted to men who tend to play it cool and show less physical interest in them on a first date, men are more attracted to women who do show physical interest to…

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