How To Stop Wasting Your Time With The Wrong People

This is something that I wish every person to know… Especially the one’s who have been continuously hurt by not knowing who’s not right for them.

James Michael Sama

While I do believe that we should see each relationship we have as a learning experience that brings lessons to us whether they do or don’t work out in the long run, it does not negate the concept that time can be wasted with people who are not right for us. It is better to learn a lesson from the wrong person after just a couple of months with them, than it is to take a couple of years to learn it.

Let’s face the harsh truth – for those of us who are not married or in a lifelong commitment with someone, we have been wrong in the past. We have been wrong every time we thought we knew we were with the right person. If they were right for us and we were right for them, we would still be with them.


This reality of course causes us…

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