When is cheating ever a good thing?

This pretty sums up a view I share on cheat meals and diets. Give it a read ! 🙂


When is cheating ever a good thing?

Cheat meals

Now I am not one to really believe in diets, and I know on the short video I posted it stated that I had a cheat meal, which implies that I am on some kind of regimented diet program. But it was more like I was being gluttonous and eating everything in sight rather than me actually having a cheat meal.

But I know a lot of people are on restricted diets, so looking forward to a cheat meal or cheat day is what helps push you through the struggle of dieting. But the problem with diets are that they are for a set period of time, you cant live your whole life on one. Therefore when you come off the diet and are left with no guidance or structure, the cheat meal will become a cheat day, and eventually a cheat…

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