Hey! Glad you somehow landed on my page. My name is Darren. I reside in the small island of Barbados and this I created this blog mainly for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge. Knowledge I have accumulated from articles from newspapers, magazines and on the internet that I have read through fully and that I believe you the viewer can take some part of and implement back into your lives to create the best self you can be. Of course all of my articles may not have references, so it’s up to you to do your own research if they’re any doubts on material I posted.

Prevention is better than Prolongation and many people think they can continuously put in junk in their body because they are young and that it won’t have any effect on them. That, my viewer, is simply ignorance. I am one that now understands that Pharmaceutical companies strive on Preservation and NOT Prevention. The only person that can prevent majority of health ailments (unless genetically acquired) is yourself!

This blog is the result of people who were coming to me asking for advice on living a healthier and fitter life.

You only have one body, why not take care of it the best way you can, and stop making excuses?

I encourage you to share my blog and to help me create a community where people can share their progress and experiences !

WHY you may ask?

In 2009, I suffered from a completely torn ACL ( anterior cruciate ligament ) and MCL ( medial collateral ligament ) and required two surgeries that I got two years apart to repair these tears. This dramatically changed everything about my life, as many things I loved doing were now either painful, hard to do, or downright didn’t make sense trying to do. I quickly realized that the health of your body, mind and spirit was not something to take for granted, regardless of what age you are. There is no limit to self improvement! I am now on the road to making the best self I possibly can.


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